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Scholarship Winners!

“I was in shock when I received the call informing me that I won the scholarship. I read about individuals winning contests such as this all the time, however never expected I would be that lucky person!”

David Furlong
$10,000 Scholarship Winner

“I didn’t think my chances of winning were very high, I was thrilled when I received a phone call and an email informing me that I was the chosen winner of the $10,000 Scholarship.”

Dakota Stammen
$10,000 Scholarship Winner

“ Needless to say I am very excited, and I look forward to using the $10,000 to complete my MA Psychology degree program at APUS.”

Rebecca Cairns
$10,000 Scholarship Winner

“With this scholarship I will be able to set an example for my children in higher education.”

Amber Sweetland
$10,000 Scholarship Winner

“All the money I get from you will be going to my school. This will bring down the bill down for me. This will be one less thing to stress or worry about.”

Lora Peterson
$10,000 Scholarship Winner

“Each month for a year I registered for the $10,000 scholarship just for the heck of it because I honestly couldn't believe I'll actually win!”

Parris Bell
$10,000 Scholarship Winner

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